Ghanaian School Children
Ghanaian School Children

Our Approach

TRMC views boosting private sector engagement, forging partnerships and promoting these collaborations as the key drivers for resource creation. Our interventions are based on the following seven basic elements:

  1. Vision and strategy
  2. Harnessing the competency base
  3. Organizational intelligence
  4. Creativity and idea management
  5. Organizational structures and systems
  6. Culture and climate, and
  7. Technology management.

Our Story

TRMC evolved to help organizations in the non-profit sector structure and manage their resources, and use strategies to source funds without losing sight of their overarching mission and goals. There is often a danger that in the search for funding, organizations may move away from their mission to gain donor funding. TRMC works to help these organizations think about their long-term impact in the areas they work, align them with their fundamental goals, and see how they can build relationships around achieving these aims.


Our mission is to support the non-profit and civil society sectors in areas of strategic resource mobilization and sustainability; harnessing expertise in communications, relationship building, and innovation.


Our vision is to create a civil society sector that has a broader view of financial sustainability, which incorporates resource mobilization, branding, and organizational and financial administration as key pillars of strategic management.


Meet the Team

Our team has over fifty years of industry experience in fundraising, communications and branding, and event planning and management, and resource development. We offer familiarity with the Ghanaian context and exceptional international exposure. Our team brings relevant experience as well as a commitment to delivering a high-level, quality service.

karen Shormeh sai

Founder & Director

Karen has worked in the non-profit sector for over two decades, during which time she has successfully provided assistance to institutions in the areas of organizational development, public relations and marketing, and in the generation of private and public financial support for major national and international organizations.

She has managed major gifts programmes and enhanced relationships between non-profit organizations and foundations, and corporate donors, board members and senior management. Karen has designed and managed start-up and expansion funding programmes, including large gift solicitation. She has demonstrated her resource development skill, management capacity, strategic planning aptitude, and administrative ability as the Executive Directors of United Way Ghana and Progressive Life Society, Ghana. She was also a member of the executive management team at the Progressive Life Centre.

Karen has carried out significant management and project consultant work in Ghana with ministries and their departments and agencies. Her expertise has also been useful in across the international civil society sector where she has been key in strengthening programmes, service delivery, sustainability, and monitoring and evaluation.

Karen has worked with a plethora of international organizations. They include FINCA International, Adoptions Together Inc, the Environmental Working Group, the National Blood Foundation, Americans for a Fair Chance, International Planned Parenthood Federation and Affiliates, Family Health International, Centre for Development & Population Activities, and the World Bank, in consultant and staff capacities.

Karen is a keen nature lover and in her spare time finds peace by the sea.


 Catherine Appiah

Events & Activities Consultant

Catherine is a specialist in events management, and brings a wealth of expertise to TRMC. She has worked for leading corporate firms in Ghana over the last 15 years and boasts skills in project management, marketing and events strategy. She is the go-to woman for providing a seamless, professionally-managed event executed to time and budget. In her spare time, she is an avid reader.

Kirsty osei-bempong

Communications Consultant

Kirsty is a qualified print journalist with multimedia expertise in video blogging, podcasting and a background in copy-writing, communications and PR. She has worked primarily as a business journalist in the UK but has leveraged off her academic training and work experiences in various educational and development sector roles in the UK, Ghana and Brazil. She offers expertise delivering on corporate communications strategies, and using social media platforms to extend companies’ social media reach. In her spare time, she boulders and rock climbs.



Finance Consultant

Faustina brings a plethora of accounting and finance expertise to TRMC. She has a track record of building innovative solutions in the banking, accounting and NGO sectors. She has been instrumental in improving financial performance and operational efficiency which has, in turn, helped organisations achieve their strategic objectives. Her experience includes working for SG Bank, Mobile Telecom and NGOs United Way Ghana and the Africa Philanthropy Network. When she is not shaking things up in the finance world, she’s volunteering for charities, reading and has a passion for football.


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