Still have questions? Below are some of the most the most common questions prospective clients have asked us.

How can The Resource Mobilization Center help my organization?

TRMC works to equip organizations with tools, skills, and training to source their own funding. If you are interested in sustainability and strategic resource mobilization to ensure funding to support programs and core activities within your organisation, TRMC can help you mobilize this by harnessing the skills and knowledge in your organization, providing tools and planning assistance, and supporting communications and fundraising strategies. The Center believes in passing on this knowledge to organizations and offers resource training to staff as and when required.

What services does TRMC offer?

Our services fall into the following categories:

  • Organizational assessment
  • Strategic planning
  • Staff training
  • Resource mobilization
  • CSR/Private sector partnership
  • Advocacy

Learn more about these services here.

Can services be tailored for our specific needs?

Yes. You can fully or partially outsource your fundraising process to TRMC.

Our aim is bring all elements of your organization and team on board in building a dynamic and strategic plan to generate resources. We want to help you ensure the sustainability of your organization.

TRMC offers support in areas including proposal writing, developing communication portfolios, working with boards to develop a network database, drafting letters, and event management.

What areas of civil society does TRMC work in?

TRMC works with everyone in all areas of civil society and the private and public sector, to help create partnerships that will sustain development programming, branding, and strategic and sustainable fundraising.

What is an endowment?

An endowment is a long-term fundraising mechanism that allows organizations to invest funds and use the resulting investing income to support strategy implementation.

How do I start to help my organization become sustainable now?

It starts with one email to us at , we can talk you through the steps to develop your organisation through strategic planning to resource mobilization.