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TRMC provides two major forms of service to clients.  The first targets organizations that have pre-determined their resource mobilization, communication, and advocacy needs and require assistance to help achieve desired results. Secondly, we help organizations assess and determine their needs and where necessary, help them identify, improve, and build capacity.


organizational assessment

TRMC provides a thorough assessment of clients’ existing services and helps to shape their future direction by analysing external elements such as the political, economic, socio-cultural, and technological factors that influence them and internal elements looking at organizational strengths and weaknesses. The scan process helps to assess where the organization is now, explores the organization’s goals and objectives, and explores external factors as a basis to develop a theory of change.

Questions we ask include: Does your organization have a strong recognizable brand? Has it been providing services to a market over a long period of time? Do you have staff members that are exceptionally switched on? And, Are you addressing a strongly-felt need in your community?

TRMC will work with you to develop short and long-term strategies to generate partnerships and donors.


strategic planning

This is the process of defining the short, medium, and long-term direction for an organisation and developing activities, work plans, and budgeting.

The aim is to highlight where the organisation wants to be by outlining a strategic, cohesive, and well-managed plan that incorporates all the elements, including resource management, communications, organisational planning, to communication and media engagement.

TRMC can facilitate a collaborative team approach to an organizational plan.


staff training

TRMC specializes in areas of fundraising, communications and branding, which not-for-profit organizations can take advantage of to build their staff’s skills base. We do this by delivering online and onsite resource mobilization workshops designed to equip staff with the expertise they need to be resource mobilization ambassadors. Training services include providing consultant in-house shadowing, coaching, and training, and developing guidelines and templates.


resource mobilization support

Resource mobilization is a function that every member of staff must commit to. TRMC can support this by guiding staff on how to position themselves as ambassadors of their organisation. TRMC provides seamless support to help clients secure new and additional resources for their organization. We focus on developing your brand, creating marketable storylines and communication products, and equipping staff members with the required tools to professionally mobilize resources for your organisation. TRMC aims to give you a holistic package that ensures your staff is prepared, communication and branding is effective, finances are robust and transparently managed, and you have the planning tools to achieve your prescribed goals.


csr/private sector partnership

Corporate social responsibility and private sector partnerships are strategic ways for organisations to unlock and tap into the wealth of resources and expertise across institutions. TRMC works with non-profit organizations and the civil society sector to structure interventions that will be attractive to the private sector, while also meeting the strategic needs of the organizations being supported.



Advocacy is a strategic approach to communication and influence at policy and governance levels, which helps non-profit organisations and the civil society sector advance their mission, achieve their objectives and increase their funding sources. TRMC uses its expertise in lobbying, media and communications, and research to promote civic engagement and collective action.


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